CaseTrail is a web-based cutting-edge tool to outperform and lead Investigation services

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Virinchi Case-Trail
In a highly competitive professional services market like Investigation Services, meeting the goals of reduced cost, increased efficiencies, and enhancing the quality of services will not only differentiate you from your competition but may also dictate whether you thrive and, ultimately, survive as an industry member.

Virinchi CaseTrail is a web-based application developed with an intension to facilitate its customers with a cutting-edge tool to outperform and lead the Investigation services industry. A combination of a secure IP-based network and inbuilt feature of integration within modules facilitates reduced risk and associated cost, whilst improving client satisfaction. The application allows bi-directional traceability of every case registered with the application. It also facilitates the Case Manager to monitor each case from time to time and suggest comments on a timely basis to the investigator.

Following are some of the features of Virinchi CaseTrail:

Administration Controlled Access Rights
Access control is the basis of the application. The permission for access to different modules in the application, to different users, is given based on the mode of operations of the Investigation Company. Security of information, which is the main concern of Investigation Companies, is met through this controlled access.

Case Tracking
Provides the exact status of any case, from Source (Referral/Direct) to Closure. The progress of the case can be in different stages like Review, Acceptance, Rejection, Investigation in progress and Closure of the case.

Case Reporting
All information relating to any case is furnished, be it about the client or about the investigating company.

Client Information

  1. Client Manager/ Supervisor/ Adjuster
  2. Date of issue
  3. Type of investigation

Investigation Company Information

  1. Case Manager/ Investigator
  2. Status of the case
  3. Due date/ revised due date
  4. Reports/ Documents, post closure of the case

Case information

  1. The documents collected
  2. Time spent
  3. Suggestions from investigator

Case Manager

  1. Cases under the Case Manager
  2. Investigators under the Case Manager
  3. Cases under each Investigator

The documents relating to the case, collected by the investigator can be uploaded from the place he is working (on field).

Integration with Accounts Package for Billing
The time sheets and all other activities are entered into a form and the form is submitted to the concerned accounts package like (Quick Books) which in turn will provide us with the billing and invoice for the case.

Document Management
The application has inbuilt document management system where some of the processes in different stages of investigation are converted into electronic form for easier, faster and cheaper mode of communication, not compromising on the security of the information. Most of the processes can be done just by a few clicks. Savings come from minimized usage of courier, fax, telephone, paper etc.

Integration with PDA
The application is integrated with PDA, which facilitates the investigators on field to update their time sheets from time to time. The investigators can also have an added advantage of superior technology which helps them in more qualitative investigation.

Organization Mapping
Similar to case reporting the organizational hierarchy/structure can be seen using the application. The structure will provide information of the investigation company like.