HMS is a healthcare domain by providing solutions for automate, clinical systems

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Virinchi Health - Hospital Management System
Virinchi Health is a major step towards paperless operations in the hospitals. HMS is a comprehensive enterprise wide software that covers all aspects of management and operations of a hospital. It is designed to help achieve best clinical outcomes, optimal financial performance and most importantly patient and employee satisfaction.

Virinchi Health manages information across the entire hospital in terms of patient management, clinical management, patient accounting and hospital-wide inventory management etc. regardless of source application or system. The output produced by HMS can be automatically and logically classified, indexed and secured in an enterprise information repository.

An ideal Virinchi Health

  • Bridges across disparate healthcare applications and brings together islands of information
  • Provides secure access to latest patient and administrative information whenever it is needed
  • Tracks every access to patient sensitive and mission critical documents
  • Eliminates time, cost and error associated with microfiche and paper based documents

Virinchi HMS is a healthcare domain addressing these technology needs of the healthcare industry by providing solutions that automate, clinical systems, point of care and administrative support departments.

A Single Solution for the Entire Enterprise
Virinchi HMS is a patient centered point of care hospital management system that integrates every part of the care experience right from patient registration to discharge.

Virinchi HMS is a comprehensive integrated suite of modules, providing an array of technological imperatives including computerized services bookings, automated documentation, integrated pharmacy, medication administration and billing system that ensures zero lost billing opportunities. Virinchi HMS is:

  • Seamlessly integrated across all points of care & support functions leveraging the best clinical and administrative practices
  • Configurable to dynamic clinical and administrative parameters ensuring a flexible user defined solution
  • Highly secure and protects clinically sensitive information with option to configure access depending on roles, user/group types
  • Adapted to medical standards like ICD 9 for codification

Virinchi HMS consists of the following ready-to-deploy modules

Front Office Modules

  1. Reception
  2. Registration
  3. IP/OP Billing
  4. Admission, Discharge & Transfer

Patient Care Modules

  1. Ward
  2. Emergency
  3. Operation Theater
  4. Pathology
  5. Radiology
  6. Medical Doctors Treatment Unit

Support Functions

  1. House Keeping
  2. Administration
  3. MIS Reports

Inventory Modules

  1. Central Stores
  2. Pharmacy