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Virinchi Enterprise Messenger
Virinchi Enterprise Messenger (VEM) has been built with focus on providing a messaging application which would help in handling the Project / commerce building and monitoring.

Instant messaging has evolved as the easiest and quickest method after e-mail. This has become one of the main modes for all business communications with almost all Virinchi Clientele. Messaging plays an important role in enhancing the business processes in the real e-business scenario. Instant Messaging has seen wild success particularly in the consumer market. The prospect of real-time communication/notification is very appealing.

VEM is essentially an application which is integrated to various modules provided by Virinchi Enterprise Enabler, a comprehensive eProcurement product suite, and hence provides for easy integration and usage. VEM being integrated with the Enterprise Enabler provides the users with alerts about various activities such as Posting of a new RFQ, RFI, Auctions etc.

VEM is a desktop application which works in conjunction with the client portals. VEM is an E-business product to start-with however it is also a generic application capable of providing messenger functionality in any portal. This is a truly scalable, reliable, and secure instant messaging and presentation service.

VEM is built on open standards and can be integrated to any existing legacy system irrespective of software or hardware configuration. Virinchi Enterprise Messenger uses XML-based messaging transport protocol for real-time exchange of information between independent users.

It is completely developed on a distributed architecture providing for end-to-end integration.

VEM can be integrated with the Mobile devices. It allows for providing various alerts (RFQ, RFI, Auctions etc) generated on the messenger onto the Mobile devices of the users. This application allows for sending and receiving the instant messages from the mobile devices. Virinchi Enterprise Messenger can be integrated with the third party Internet-based Messengers viz., Yahoo, MSN etc, enabling to view the integration of buddy list of these messengers with the VEM and allows for a seamless instant messaging.

VEM provides for archiving of the Messaging data by providing message history at the client level. Server side message history can also be maintained for keeping a tab on the messaging activities across the organization. Various value added services like Calculator, Currency and other metrics conversions are incorporated.

Virinchi Enterprise Messenger is a highly configurable application. It can be configured for individual preferences and allows for the privacy settings. The messenger can be configured to provide Stock alerts, Weather alerts, Calendar services, News alerts.